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Sean Orr

Owner / Drafter

This guy is the talent and experience behind our company.  Sean is the founding father of Archway Designs and has drawn over 1000 residential projects in his career. His largest home design was 40,000 finished square feet. He enjoys taking on the most difficult and challenging designs and making them a reality for our clients.


Sean is a bit of a hippy and listens to way too much reggae music but he continues to produce award winning designs and top selling house plans for our builders so we just let him be....  in touch.... with nature and stuff....

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Erika Selig

Owner / Drafter

Erika is our newest drafting partner.  She holds a degree in architectural drafting and design. She produces top notch house plans for our fast paced clients.

Erika enjoys exercising her creativity. She's been in the design / engineering business for 6 years and is making a name for herself in Washington's Architecture scene.

Yolanda York

Owner / Accountant

Yolanda is a part time owner and full time company comedian.  She lifts our spirits daily and keeps us inline with Uncle Sam.

Yolanda often surprises us with some very cool house plan ideas and definitely has some hidden talent that adds value to our design work.


Teaner working.jpg

Ryannon is the sales manager.  She walks around, makes sure there's enough snacks in the mini fridge, sharpens the pencils whether they need it or not and spends the company money on prizes for herself at the corner store.  She excels at coloring and bossing the team around especially the company founder. She is pictured here redlining some of Sean's work. 

We're a family company where strong values and relationships are the backbone of our success.

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