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Custom Home Design Process:

1.  Free consultation:

  • Client E-mail or meeting going over: project location, construction budget, construction time frame

  • Go over client 'wish list' including style,  rooms and features that are desired to be in the home

  • Project bid submitted for architectural and engineering services.

2. Site Visit: 

  • Best View: Some properties are unique and have a desirable view that needs to be captured in windows of rooms that are most occupied. Some urban area's utilize rooftop decks when neighboring properties will not allow good views out of windows.

  • Slope and Terrain assesment:  We will tell you if a walkout or daylight basement is possible and how to situate your home to achieve the greatest cost benefit.

3. Preliminary Sketch:

  • Project initiation; after our bid has been accepted, a second meeting with the home owner or builder will be conducted. Durring and shortly after this meeting, we will come up with rough sketches of your project.  At this point, we can design or change anything very easily.

  • Final Sketch: After enough meetings are conducted to satisfy your design effort, a final sketch containing the: Front elevation, and all floor plans will be made with rough dimensions of room sizes, along with an accurate square footage calculation.

  • Ballpark Cost Estimate:  After the final sketch is completed, a rough cost is estimated based on finished square footage, and site conditions. This meeting is usually done with your contractor present.

  • Last Minute Changes:  This is a 3 business day grace period from when your design will go from a sketch to the computer where final construction documents will be produced. Durring this time period, you may change any aspect of the design. (Caution because any structural changes may further delay your design completion).  After this final consultation, your plans are initialed by you approving the design.

4. Construction Documents:

  • CAD Drawings: After your design is approved by you, your plans will be re-created on AutoCAD 2013. Keep in mind that any structural changes at this point will be billed per cad hour in addition to your bid. 

  • Electrical Meeting: Home electronics and automation are becoming a large part of making your home custom to your standards.  Once the bulk of your plans are drafted, we will schedule an electrical meeting to address any custom electronics, lights and outlet placement to fit your lifestyle.

  • Final Construction Documents: Once your plans are finished, we will sit down with you and go over every page so that you  have a basic understanding of how your home is to be constructed.  Once you approve  the drawings, each page will be initialed and your drawings will go to the structural engineer.

5. Structural Engineering:

  • Once your final construction documents are approved, your plans are sent to our structural engineer for stamps and calculations (Most cities require this). 

6. Permit issued construction documents:

  • After the structural engineer is completed, your permit set is issued to you via Stamped Electronic PDF's and if desired, 2- printed and stamped copies on 24" x 36" Paper.  Any additional copies are charged in addition to your bid.

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What time frame can I expect from start to finish?

As you can see, there are many steps to design a custom house; therefore, time frames can vary greatly, but are mostly determined by the customer.  We are dedicated to meeting your deadlines and will inform you in advance if for any reason a deadline will not be reached.

What documents are included in my house plans?

  • 1:10 Scale Site Plan / Cover Page (Scale may vary)

  • General Code Compliant Notes Page

  • 1/4" Scale Front, rear and side elevations

  • 1/4" Scale Floor Plans (All Levels)

  • 1/4" Scale Foundation Plan

  • 1/4" Scale  Framing Plans (All Levels)

  • 1/4" Scale Roof Framing Plan

  • 1/4" Scale Building Sections 

  • 1/4" Scale Stair Sections

  • 1/4" Scale Electrical Plans (All Levels)

  • Engineering Detail Pages (Only if Required)

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